“I feel as if 30 years of therapy just happened in one day.”
— Meghan

“I woke up feeling light and joyful. The monkeys in my head are quiet. The weight of my sadness and preoccupation has lightened, my thoughts are not as violent as they had been for so long. A feeling of comfort and protection is with me, and I feel happier than I have felt for a long time.”
— Andrea

“I feel as if I’m on a holiday from myself – so much clearer and more at ease. My back is also much better, a dull memory of where the pain was.”
— Britton

“I had recently been diagnosed with peptic ulcers, and was in such pain and basically holding my breath, because breathing hurt too much. You did the session with me, and within minutes, I was pain-free!  It lasted almost four days, when stress with my family brought me down again.  At the time you did the second session with me – in which you focused on communication between me and my family – I was out having dinner with my sons.  It was so wonderful and harmonious, and so different from the past!  My relationship with my family keeps improving, and in the entire time (a month now), my occasional stomach pain has been a fraction of its original strength. Also, my physical strength is back to normal, if not better than before the ulcers brought me down. Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it, because it works!  I can’t wait for the next session.”
— Tina

“Ever since I got my horse 19 years ago, I have had a strong and inexplicable anxiety that something could happen to him in my absence, and I even used to turn down trips because of this. Needless to mention the strain this has put on my relationship. Now, after only two sessions, I went on a 4 day trip, and it is the first time since owning my horse that I literally had zero anxiety! I am such a believer! Thank you so much  – you changed my life!”
— Dawn

“For about five years, I had been suffering from a form of arthritis and was taking a supplement that prevents the build-up of crystals in the joints. I also had a clogged lymph node behind one of my knees, and I was in financial scarcity.  Clair worked with me three times in nine weeks, and here’s what happened: After the first session, I didn’t take the arthritis supplement for three or four months. After the third session, the clogged lymph node was gone. But even bigger for me is my changed relationship to money.”
— Jan

“I feel so much better!  Since our session, I have been sleeping so well and feel less overwhelmed and more motivated!  Your work is so amazing and transformational!”

“Whatever you did is working!  The meeting went very well and I feel so much better!  You’re an angel!”
— Erin

“I had an amazing week. I haven’t been nearly as emotional, I felt lighter, I know that my issues are still there, but they don’t bother me as much. I still feel stuck in some ways, but a lot better. I’m not nearly as stressed, I just go with the flow. I feel so blessed. Can you hear me smile?”

“Our session goal was to remove my mental and emotional blockages to receiving my residency papers, which had been in the making for almost ten years. The day after the second session, my papers were authorized, and today, three days later, my lawyer informed me that my papers have arrived in her office!!  You can’t imagine how much I appreciate your work!  Unbeknown to my conscious mind, I had been keeping myself in the state of fear and uncertainty, not allowing myself to move full steam into my new life. I am so very grateful for your help!”
— Doris

“Something strange is going on.  Maybe I just read too much into things and am making this up in my mind, but I feel super relaxed.  My mind is peaceful.”

“Since our session, I’ve felt really good.  It’s not like I’ve been trying hard to hold my emotions in, I just feel relaxed and good.  Whatever it is you’re doing, it’s working.  This is something so different for me.  You’re going to help me change my life.”

“My son and I actually sat at the table together.  He told me funny stuff and smiled.  We had been fighting non stop for three days.  This is a miracle.  Later, my daughter told me she noticed how happy I was and that I wasn’t mad anymore.  I told her ‘I think it’s because I had this energy work done’.  She told me to keep it up because she thinks it’s working, too.  Then she smiled and said she is going to see if she can find a way to make me upset.  She said it in a way like she doesn’t think she can make me upset because she is noticing such big changes with me.  That was big.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart – the work you do is pretty amazing.”
— Teresa

“Clair, this is fantastic! The morning after our session, four people said they found me completely changed. The pain in my toe, which had bothered me a lot, is gone.  For the first time, I have dreams of changing my life.  I am full of enthusiasm.  I am waking up with so much joy to seize the day.  I am experiencing a miracle.  A miraculous transformation!!”

“I am feeling really good.  Neither the past nor the future are sucking me in.  I know that you are working with very powerful forces, because I have seen two miracles.  I want to continue these sessions with you because the work you have done on my subconscious results in me being consciously happy. I feel that your strength is good, brilliant and real.”
— Ingrid




“The day I did the Family Constellation with Clair, my life took another direction. I had gone through so many decades of therapy, and I was still feeling the pain and the fear of the memories and wounds. Clair’s natural and powerful ability to connect with family members was truly impressive. She hit it on the dot with each and everyone of them, as if she knew them, my mother’s voice and words of wisdom impressed me.

I understood everything she captured and transmitted to me. All her information fit like a glove. I’m now able to live more calmly and I feel stronger than ever. I can see the same situation but with different eyes. I’m no longer holding a delusional image of who my father really is… and though it takes reminding and reassuring myself, I’m tapping into that wonderful feeling that we have when we self discover the root of our pain. Life is different, and becomes more of a joyful journey.

I will forever be grateful for this amazing and ever lasting experience.”
— Andrea

“It was quite an experience to be in the space with you. I think your work is amazing.”
— Elisabeth

“After my session with you, I couldn’t really tell how or if it had any impact at all on me, but as time went by, I realized how powerful it was!! And just that one session!!! My intention for the constellation was to understand whether I wanted to have a baby or not, because for years, the idea of having a family terrorized me and was out of question! Right now, my husband and I are trying to have a baby, and I am so looking forward to creating a family with him!  Total shift, total transformation for me.  Also since then, things are clearer in terms of priorities in my life, so I can’t thank you enough for your beautiful contribution to my well-being. :)”

Update: “Our son, Enzo, is now almost a year old, and we are in love!  Thank you so much for being part of my motherhood journey, and much, much love to you!”
— Liza

“Thank you for your valuable life-altering help! I’m so grateful to know you and that you shared your amazing and powerful gifts with me.  I have sought after these missing pieces for a long time now, and having found them will be diligent to keep the awareness to shift those behaviors.”
— Kerry

“Thank you so much for rolling out this sensitive profound loving breakthrough work to this valley. We have been waiting for such a moment when love would find a way to break the chains. Let’s keep it going and find ways to support and embrace the healing our hearts so need.”
— Sienna

“Here’s another praise. Yes it was really well done! I am signing up hereby for the next possibility and I like to do the journey in to my family history, in order to become a happier healthier person.”
— Yuda

“Thank you so much for the work you are helping me do – it has rocked my world!!! I feel I’ve finally found a really good way to clear myself and my lineage of the “invisible obstacles” that get in the way of our fulfillment. I’m really looking forward to doing work with you again!”
— Carolina

“I feel lighter – looking forward to the next session!!”
— Sabina

“Your peaceful and kind energy combined with the knowledge, intuition, and love you bring into your work provides a powerful conduit for personal expansion to all of us blessed to share in your workshop! Thank you for blowing my mind, opening new avenues to experience and enjoy the mysteriousness that is all around and also part of me, and all of life. Thank you for opening a healing port for my family.”
— Kate

“I feel so beautiful after the session… Really. It was a miracle. I feel so blessed!”
— Ema


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