I am a Systemic and Family Constellation facilitator, as well as a practitioner of The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson.  Since attaining my certifications in both of these healing methods, I have developed my own clearing approach, which I call CLAIRING.

Born and raised in Germany, I have spent five years in the Andean mountains of Ecuador, and am now living on the Mediterranean coast of Spain.

In 2001, while still working as a professional graphic designer and layouter, I started participating in Family Constellation seminars, a powerful method for discovering and releasing hidden limiting patterns in our lives. Of the various tools I tried in search of relief from the deep, omnipresent pain I had been connected to for as long as I can remember, Family Constellations was the only method I stuck with, because it really worked.  I am forever grateful to Christine Benz and Isolde Schliesser for introducing me to this work, and to Brigitte Lotz for her ongoing brilliant guidance and training, as well as deep personal friendship.  Over time, I have participated in several hundred constellations, including my two year training with Brigitte, who teaches a very feminine and gentle approach. For more information about Systemic and Family Constellations, click here.

Since my certification in 2014, I have facilitated constellations in groups and individual sessions.  Today, I even include constellation work in my CLAIRING sessions conducted over the phone, should need be.  Personal contact is without doubt a wonderful and important part of the classic constellation work, but in combination with CLAIRING, a client in need of instant conflict resolution can benefit greatly from a constellation conducted at any distance.

Since adding the Emotion Code certification to my toolbox in 2016, I have been guided to incorporate other aspects into my work, such as beliefs, programs, and quite a few other factors that make up the “packages” of painful events in our lives.  In order for the relief of those events to be long-term, the entire package needs to be cleared from all of our various energy bodies.

I offer my services in English, German, and Spanish.

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