You deserve to finally enjoy the emotional and mental ease you've been after for so long!

CLAIRING is a revolutionary process that gets you unstuck and unstoppable.

Welcome to the CLAIRING Method!

Imagine sitting in a small boat in the middle of the ocean. You notice some water inside the vessel, and it is rising – at times trickling, at times gushing. You think you’ve detected the leak – you pray it’s the only one – but you have no idea how to fix it. You use every available container to scoop and scoop and scoop. You are getting tired, and more disheartened by the minute.

In this sense, you may have already understood that what happens in your life has it’s origin in your own system, and that it’s your own unconscious and also inherited baggage that keeps messing with your goals, your relationships, and your health. But you haven’t yet figured out how to access and change it … and it might have left you friggin’ frustrated, to say the least.

Now, to get back to our story, imagine someone showing up and offering you to repair the boat. You could spend your time doing what you enjoy doing until the leaks are fixed and most of the water scooped out, at which point you could lay back, relax, and even enjoy the ride. Would you accept the offer?

This is what CLAIRING can do for you.

The CLAIRING METHOD is a powerful process of removing any obstacles to emotional, physical and mental well-being. I am doing the work for you – remotely, quickly. CLAIRING leads to a considerable increase in relaxation and inner peace, and to easier achievement of your goals. Physical conditions usually improve as well.

CLAIRING can help you, your children, and even your pets to cope with small issues as well as significant traumatic events in the present or the past.

I am certified in Systemic Constellation work as well as in Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code, and CLAIRING is my personally developed methodology.

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