CLAIRING is my personally downloaded process of removing any obstacles to emotional, mental, and even physical well-being. CLAIRING releases the obvious in-your-face intense emotions, as well as those powerful unconscious currents, beliefs and programs … the whole shebang of contracted frequencies you are so ready to leave behind forever!

CLAIRING leads to a considerable increase in inner peace and relaxation, and easier achievement of your goals. Physical conditions usually improve as well.

CLAIRING removes lower-frequent vibrations from your system, so that your core essence, the eternally expansive Spirit/Light/Source/God/Christ Flame – whatever you want to call it – can emerge.

What does a CLAIRING session look like?

We connect via phone, Skype or WhatsApp, and determine a goal sentence for you, based on what you want to achieve. Ideally, you have taken a moment before the session and written down your issues, and what thoughts and emotions you have about them.  At the beginning of the session, I tune into your system and ask it to determine the session goal (which can vary from what you think it should be), and to point out the obstacles on the path to the manifestation of that goal.

While using my own body to receive the answers from you through muscle testing, I release your blocks using specific wordings. In the meantime, you can go on with your day – as long as you don’t drive a vehicle, operate heavy machinery, or work on a client yourself. We later share what has been released, and which effect it has had so far.

Sounds weird. Does this really work?

My clients’ testimonials show that CLAIRING works impressively well.

How is it possible that you can connect to my subconscious mind?

If I was standing next to you, I’d say: Simple physics. Even solid matter is actually mostly “empty space” vibrating at a specific frequency.  So are light and sound, and so are emotions and thoughts.  Everything and everyone is constantly emitting their specific vibrational fingerprint. We can not NOT broadcast who we are, what we feel and think. However, we are mostly desensitized to all of the stimuli surrounding us, and more importantly, to the vibrations inside our own energetic system.

How can you connect to my subconscious over long distance?

A possible explanation is “universal quantum entanglement”.  Even though it sounds incredible, it comes natural to all of us.  If you’ve been so fortunate as to participate in a Family Constellation seminar, you will have experienced it for yourself.  For some, like me, it is easier, but we all have this capacity.  Whether you are sitting next to me or on the moon, is of no relevance to the effectiveness of this process.

Why should I care about my subconscious mind?

If you want change in your life, you need to initiate it in the subconscious. Here’s why:

Just like an iceberg with the lion share of it’s mass being underwater, around 95% of our brain is used by the subconscious* mind.  Apart from taking care of our body functions like the immune system, cellular processes, heartbeat, digestion, etc., the subconscious is also in charge of storing and processing all sensory, emotional, and mental input from the moment of our conception and beyond. This also includes decisions, programs etc. either initiated by us, inherited, or acquired via our parents and other surroundings.

When we tune a radio to 98.3, we don’t expect to receive what’s being broadcast on 102.5.  We know that would be physically impossible.  Correspondingly, we form the world around us not predominantly through our deliberate conscious affirmations, but  through the sum of ALL of the frequencies we emit.  And since most of those stem from our subconscious programming, it is of vital importance that we clear ourselves of all of the limiting beliefs and programs we have stored.

*) The part of the mind that lies below the barrier of consciousness is divided into the subconscious and the unconscious mind, but for reasons of simplicity, I am calling it the “subconscious” in the context of this explanation. Both sections are relevant to CLAIRING, and both are being looked at and serviced.

Why does the subconscious not support us in our wishes and desires?

It does, actually. The subconscious is our personal genie in the bottle. Its function is to protect us and to keep us alive, our thoughts and beliefs are its command, and it willingly executes all that we entrust it with.  But it does not judge or value our input, and it does not differentiate between “wanted” and “unwanted” programs. What is commonly known as “sabotage pattern” is nothing more than the verification program for a specific belief we have either installed ourselves, absorbed from our surrounding, or inherited.  So even though we might feel undermined by our subconscious in our efforts to become a happier person, the opposite is true.

Powerful beyond imagination, the subconscious is like your personal dragon – your protector who loves you unconditionally, who will give it’s life for you, which – oh my! – happens to be your own.  On the bright side: When you learn to befriend this magical part of you, to love it and ride it, you will be flying! Oh, the places you’ll go.

Can’t I change the programming of my subconscious simply by using positive affirmations?

Yes, you can. However, repeating positive affirmations without having changed your subconscious programs is like building a house in a storm. You’ll eventually get it done, but it might take a long time and literally drain the life out of you.

Depending on your age and habitual thought patterns, using solely affirmations could be like trying to put out a forest fire with a squirt gun. In most cases, the amount of energy used in the process is highly disproportionate to the result.

Furthermore, implementing new beliefs does not automatically erase the old ones, and fostering contradictory thoughts creates an internal conflict, and even cause migraines.

Being pulled in opposite directions can render you feeling irritated and paralyzed, until you have repeated the new belief more often than you had the old one … and that might take a wee bit longer than expected. CLAIRING finds and releases the beliefs that are opposing your desired direction, so that your new line of thinking will effectively get you to how you want to feel and act.

How  many sessions will I need?

It depends. Some issues are completely and permanently resolved in as little as three sessions, others take longer … based on their depth and nature.

Regardless of how long it takes to reach of your initial goal, you might get hooked – just like this client, who, after session #40 said: “Why would I ever stop dong this? It just gets better and better and better!”

Find out how CLAIRING can make you life awesome!