What on Earth is a Systemic or Family Constellation?

The Systemic Constellation is a psychological process on the Soul level that illuminates the unconscious dynamics behind any challenge we face.  Much of the distress in our lives is actually based on family history, which is why the term “Family Constellation” has become kind of a blanket name for the method.

The work, however, is by no means limited to resolving issues with family members.  It is a powerful tool to reveal and release any kind of blockage we may face in the field of personal relationships, health, career, general happiness etc., and to transform the formerly constraining energy into positive support for our goals.

Benefits include

  • Relief from emotional wounds
  • Increased vitality and joy
  • Easier achievement of personal goals
  • Deepening of inner peace
  • Understanding of family dynamics
  • Clearing for future generations

Systemic Constellations are related to the work of Virginia Satir, Bert Hellinger, and Gestalt therapy.  The “classical” Constellation uses a group setting, in which participants literally put themselves in someone else’s place.

Even newbies to this method find that, by simply standing in for another human being, they receive the feelings and insights needed to resolve the issue at hand.

How this works is hard to explain, that it does, is out of question.

The healing sets in when the client gains awareness of the dynamic, and has the opportunity to actually release the emotional charge connected.  Witnessing this, you can feel how the whole world just got a tad lighter.

Anyone willing to experience the process is a blessing for us all, and it will change their world view forever.

From the moment of our conception on, we are influenced by the unresolved trauma our ancestors suffered and locked away in the depth of their being, a survival mechanism that allowed them to stay functional in spite of their distress.  Whatever they didn’t manage to deal with, however, stays in the family system until someone is capable of facing and releasing it.  This is where Constellations come in.

One of the many beautiful aspects of this work is that we not only free ourselves from the shackles of our family heritage, but by tracing the dynamic we seek to release back to the situation in which it was set in motion, and healing it right at the source, we release that energy from our entire lineage in a direct line, including our ancestors, ourselves, and even our children!  There is no limit as to how far down the family tree we can go.

Another blessing comes in the form of a widened general understanding of human nature, resulting in increased compassion for mankind in general.  A Constellation also offers a wonderful opportunity to bring closure to any kind of loss … be it through physical death or separation.

Depending on the issue, one constellation might already “break the spell” and provide the client with enough release and empowerment to successfully “move on”.  Other cases might need more work, based on the fact that we usually inherit a certain dynamic from more than one relative.  In cases like these, CLAIRING is a great tool to clear out all roots at the same time. Combining Constellation and CLAIRING is extremely powerful and effective.

Since my certification in 2014, I have facilitated constellations in groups and individual sessions.  Both setups have their advantages, and work equally well.  Today, I even include constellation work in my CLAIRING sessions conducted over the phone, should need be.  Personal contact is without doubt a wonderful and important part of the classic constellation work, but in combination with CLAIRING, a client in need of instant conflict resolution can benefit greatly from a constellation conducted at any distance.

I was recently asked whether adopted children would benefit from a Constellation, and my answer is: Most definitely.  It is vital for everyone to feel the connection to their blood line, and this work offers adoptees the opportunity to connect with their biological parents on the Soul level.

Apart from insights and healing that we all experience in a Constellation, adoptees of all ages benefit tremendously from connecting with their own lineage, their roots and ancestors.  Not unlike the relief of a child lost in a crowd when it finally is back in their mother’s lap … when the tears can finally flow, and the Being relax.  It is also a wonderful platform to heal any inner conflict about wanting to know their roots while not wanting to hurt their adoptive parents, whom the adoptee usually really loves as well.

I can facilitate workshops in English, Spanish, and German – but preferably one language at a time, so that all participants are able to understand all that’s being said. 😉

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